Top 5 Android Emulators for PC

The variety in android apps is increasing very rapidly and the demand of many android apps for PC has also hiked along with it. Many of the android apps aren’t yet available for PC users which has made these Emulators very useful to play our favorite android games on computer or use Whatsapp on PC. Well there are many Android Emulators present on the web, some in stable stage while other are still in beta phase. Android Emulators were introduced a few years back when the demand for android apps for PC started increasing but initially most of them had bugs and crashed abruptly but now due to continuous efforts of the developers they are completely bug free. Since there are many emulators available, the question arises that which one should you use so in this article we have compiled a list of 5 best android emulators available to run android apps on PC.

1. Bluestacks


Bluestacks is no doubt the best Android Emulator available currently both for Windows and Mac PC’s which can emulate most of apps available on Google Play or iTunes. The best part about Bluestacks is that it can run both Android and iOS apps on your PC and run them seamlessly.

Downloading Bluestacks for PC is very simple, just log on to the official website and download it according to your OS . Once it is installed you can search for apps via the search bar. After the app is installed you can launch it anytime whether offline or online.

Click here to download Bluestacks for your PC here.

2. Youwave


Youwave another addition to the list which is a combination of native android emulator and fancies of Bluestacks. Being absolutely free, youwave is works only with Windows 7, 8 and 8.1. The YouWave has two parts, the left one showcasing the apps that are installed and the right part portraits the screen of your smartphone. Downloading youwave is quite simple, log on to the official website or CNET from where you can download it.

Click here to download Youwave for your PC here.

3. Andyroid


Andyroid is a new player in the market but that does decide how good or bad it is. Actually since it’s launch Andyroid has been constantly challenging Bluestacks in terms of download. It offers a great UI which is quite easy to use and it also supports Mac as well as Windows OS.

Click here to download Andyroid for your PC here.

4. Jar of Beans


As the name suggests, Jar of Beans emulator was developed on Android Jelly Bean. For this emulator to work you need to download the apk of the apps you want to run on your PC separately and once downloaded  you can run those apks via Jar of Beans. You can download it from the official website of the software.

Click here to download Jar of Beans for your PC here.

5. GenyMotion


Genymotion is the upgraded version of the Android VM which is now updated with many new options and features. The GenyMotion is enhanced with integrated quality performance and the processor usage capacity. The Genymotion also supports the app updated and OS updates. It is available for Windows, Mac, Linux, Ubuntu but for the Mac user you will have to download and install virtualbox on your system.

Click here to download Genymotion for your PC here.


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