PewDiePie: Legend of Brofist for PC


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PewDiePie has reincarnated himself in style! The famous or let’s say the notoriously famous YouTube personality Felix Kjellber has taken a new Avatar in the form the primary character of this game. The game not just includes the adventure of PewDiePie, but also jokes referring to him. PewDiePie is so famous on YouTube that has more than 40 million followers. Since the release of the game just a few days ago, it has already had around 2.5 million downloads. This shows the popularity of the man and his game.


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The game has good graphics and sound. The gaming controls are also effective. It features an onscreen joystick to allow gamers with touch screen phones and tablets to play the game easily. The sound and visuals make it a great treat for the ears and eyes. If you are a hard core gamer, you will soon become addicted to this game and even after pauses you would keep returning to this game again and again. The touch controls of the game are highly responsive and that is why it is easy to control the joystick with ease. The character of PewDiePie also looks pretty similar to the real guy. The “Brofist” in the title of the game is a mark of respect that PewDiePie has paid to his followers. He calls them bro.

The game has several levels with varying degrees of difficulties and users can select the level they want to play. There are various hurdles in the path of the character and he tries to dodge the attacking barrels and exploding cows to move forward. While the game may not seem much at the face value, it is much more sophisticated than it actually seems. The interface of the game is highly intuitive so that even a new gamer does not have to spend time understanding the controls and the gameplay.


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This game is currently available for iOS and Android platforms. You need an iPhone or an iPad or an Android phone or tablet to play this game with its normal installations. The game does not officially offer a version for Windows PC. But those who want to enjoy this game on their Windows based computer can do so by simply installing Bluestacks. For those who do not know what Bluestacks is, it is an Android emulator and is indeed the best Android emulator you can get your hands on.

Once you have downloaded Bluestacks, simply search for the APK file of the game. Download the APK file and install the game on your Windows PC. After you have implemented these steps, the game can be played from your Windows computer. For this purpose, your computer must have a processor compatible for Bluestacks and the game. It must have a minimum of 2GB RAM and there must be enough space on your hard drive. A fast internet connection is also needed so that your Bluestacks installation and game remain updated.

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