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All of us have the passion of playing combat games on our smartphone. As smartphone gaming arena is full of these combat games, so choosing the best one is a difficult task. Don’t worry we will help you in that. One such game is Kingdom Rush. Ironhide Game Studios developed this game while it is published by Armor games. It was released for all smartphones, 2011 for iPads and in 2013 for Android. After the official Kingdom Rush game two more games were launched under it, they are Kingdom Rush Frontier and Kingdom Rush Origins. We will tell you that how this smartphone games can be played on Mac. No serious tweaking is required, and it can be done by using Bluestacks emulator application.

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This Kingdom Rush is a single player game that features tower defense and set in an environment of Medieval time. In this game player has to first build towers on a predetermined path and then had to protect those towers from monsters. Player can choose a tower from four different options available i.e. Barracks, Archers, Artillery and Mage. Kingdom Rush consists of 18 levels in which the player has to face 48 types of monsters. When the player successfully completes a level two more challenging modes will be automatically unlocked. These modes are Heroic mode and Iron Challenge. In the year 2012 the framework is updated with some new levels and features added in it like hero’s room and shop. This shop features allows user to purchase extra coins as well as dynamites using the gems. Hero’s room provides heroes selection which helps player in battle. Some types of heroes available in game are defenders and archers, and player is free to place these heroes anywhere in the path.


Now at level first you will be given some money to purchase a tower. When you are set to build tower on that predetermined path monster will start coming from one end and will approach towards another end of that path. The main aim for the player in this game is to stop those monsters by building towers and kill them. Most importantly killing these monsters will give player money which they can use to purchase and upgrade their towers. Kingdom Rush game consists of Campaign mode, in this mode when the player kills all the monsters in the dedicated time they will be awarded 3 stars. These stars help player to upgrade their equipments, spells and give strength to their tower.

Playing Kingdom Rush On Mac:

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Bluestacks made playing smartphone games on Mac easy. This emulator applications creates a cross platform between smartphone apps and Mac, and makes conditions favorable for these apps.

  1. Click here to download Bluestacks setup file.
  2. Install Bluestacks by running this setup file. Once the emulator is installed tap on its icon and open it.
  3. Now in the search bar of Bluestacks type Kingdom Rush. Click on download option under the game title.
  4. Install the game and start playing it.

Following the steps given above you can play Kingdom Rush on your Mac!

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