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Being a music addict, music is something that drives us crazy upon listening. Users prefer online music stores as development and technology is everywhere. One such application for music lovers is iHeartRadio. It serves both as a music aggregator application as well as an online radio service in which you can join more than 800 stations all over the world. This application can be used on smartphones like Windows, Android and iOS, but if you are ready to go one level up in you craziness of music listening then you can access it on your Macintosh. And it is possible through an Android emulator application known as Bluestacks. Drag down to know how it is possible.


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Features of iHeartRadio

The craze of online music streaming applications is increasing day by day. That’s why more and more application developers are developing such applications for users. One such online music and radio streaming application can be explored by users known as iHeartRadio. Now the best part of this application is that it allows user to search different radio stations and personalize them according to their choice. Through this application user can listen to their most favorite music all within the application itself. Another best feature of this application includes preferences on its home screen. You will get the music close to your heart by the application which clearly means that you don’t have to dig inside. Now except radio stations you will get millions of songs inside, thus it is more advantageous for user as they will get the service of two different application in a single one. Even your smart TV can be connected by using this application using Google’s Chromecast service.


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Using iHeartRadio on Mac

We all know this that smartphone applications are developed so to be used by users on their smartphones. But developers have moved one level up and developed one useful and extraordinary Android emulator application by which user can use these smartphone applications on Mac. And interestingly you will find it that using this emulator on Mac is just same as you are using an Android smartphone.

One such popular Android emulator is Bluestacks. Following the simple steps given below you can use iHeartRadio on you Mac.

  1. Download Bluestacks emulator setup file. You can download it right from here. Just click here to start downloading Bluestacks setup file.
  2. Once the setup file is downloaded run it as administrator file and start the installation process.
  3. After the emulator is installed on your Mac, open it and search for iHeartRadio application. For this you have to type’ iHeartRadio’ in the search bar of the emulator.
  4. As the application appears, tap on install button given below it to start the download and installation of the application.
  5. When it is finished find the application in the ‘My Apps’ section and start using it.

Now, one important thing to be mentioned here is that iHeartRadio application is installed as a Bluestacks app and not on Mac. So for accessing it user have to open Bluestacks first.

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