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The increasing each of internet across the world each passing day has changed many things from the past. While telephone calls and SMS service provided by the carriers were only ways to communicate the rise of internet has totally changed scenario. The instant messaging apps such as We Chat, Whatsapp are now major methods of chatting among most of users. Whatsapp is the most used chatting app currently which is available for almost all mobile OS. Inspired by BBM which was initially available only for Blackberry users, Whatsapp took the concept to the next level and introduce cross platform chatting feature so that users are connected to their friends no matter the mobile platform. This application is currently available for most of mobile OS present out there iOS, Android and Windows being the prominent ones and also for other Java and Symbian phones. Whatsapp helps you to send messages to anyone on your contact list instantly without extra charge other than data charges.


Well I guess most of readers are well aware of these facts and it’s the reason you have landed up here. There are many users across the world who want to run Whatsapp on their Macbook but the app being unavailable for Mac OS users makes them unable to do so and you might have been hitting up the web on How to Run Whatsapp on Macbook. There have been similar searches on the web regarding the same such as.

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To run the app on your Mac laptop/PC you will need to install a Android Emulator on your PC which will make the android files run on your system.  The android emulator makes your Mac OS environment adaptable for apk files so that they run seamlessly on your Macbook. Not many android emulators are available for Mac OS yet so we will using Bluestacks which is available to Mac users and reported to work perfectly. Before we proceed with the tutorial lets have a quick look at the features of Whatsapp.

  • It’s very simple to use.
  • Very clean and easy to lean User Interface.
  • Send voice, picture or video messages anywhere in world.
  • It automatically adds number on your contact list to whatsapp.
  • Free of advertisement.
  • Available for almost all mobile platforms and supports cross platform messaging service.

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Download Whatsapp for Macbook

  • Download Bluestacks for MacBook. Click behing to download it.
  • Install Bluestacks and run it.
  • In the interface that opens up, search for Whatsapp.
  • From the search results, click on Whatsapp and download it on your system.
  • Now verify your mobile number via message and Start using Whatsapp on your Macbook.

Do not try to download any software named Whatsapp for Mac OS or Macbook from unrecognized websites as those could be nasty malwares which might corrupt all your data or may render your system dead. If you have any other difficulties while installation leave us a comment via the comment section.

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