Download Unicorn Dash for PC /Windows 7/8

Android has been outclassing the other available mobile OS from along time owing to it’s free source code and great features. But the biggest factor in the increasing popularity is the amount of apps and games available for it. There will not be a day when you run out of interesting games on the store which provide you a quick refresh as well offer a great gameplay. Temple Run and Subway Surfers are most spoken of games available on Google Play but there are other great apps as well which can fulfill your quest for running games. If you are reading this post you might most probably know about Unicorn Dash which is one of the most popular games found on the store.

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unicorn_dash for pc

Developed by Runner games, the game features a Unicorn which runs endlessly in space and you need to guide it through obstacles to create highest possible score . The game offers a great gameplay which is very addictive and provides a good entertainment for few minutes. I have encountered many queries on the web where people want to run this game on their PCs such as.

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With so many queries on the web, I have decided to come up with a article which will help you to Play Unicorn Dash on Windows PC. 

Since the game is not officially developed for Windows users you cannot download exe file of the game so we will need a emulator to run unicorn dash on pc. Android Emulators are those softwares which make the environment of your PC adaptable to android files so you can run apk files on your desktop. There are many Android emulators present over the web such as Andyroid, youwave, bluestacks. Since Bluestacks is the most stable one so we will be using it for our tutorial.

Install Unicorn Dash on PC

  • In the first place you need to download Bluestacks on your PC. Click here to download it.
  • Now install the downloaded file and run it.
  • In the interface that pops up, search for Unicorn Dash.
  • From the search result download the appropriate one and Play.
  • Since the game has been now removed from Play Store, you might not be able to find it on Bluestacks interface.
  • Download Unicorn Dash apk from the web.
  • Now open the Unicorn dash apk via Bluestacks and you can enjoy playing it on your PC.

If you have any difficulty in following the procedure or if you are stuck at any step, leave us your query via the comment section and we will try to resolve it as soon as possible. And if you found the article useful, don’t forget to leave a note of thanks for author.

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