Download Twickets for Mac

Twickets is a brilliant and unique idea pioneered by Richard Davies back in the year 2011. Since then the application has witnessed exponential growth in the last 4 years and it has been downloaded for over 250,000 by the users spread across Europe. The exceptional idea which was termed as Twickets by its founder is a unique combination of Twitter and Tickets.


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Richard Davies saw on Twitter an individual offering his concert ticket for free. Due to some reason the person was unable to go to the concert and did not want his ticket to be wasted. He offered it for free to anyone who would have liked to go to the concert. Since he could not have gone to the concert, the seat would have remained unoccupied and this would have meant that a concert, for which several people could not get their hands on a ticket would have had a vacant seat. Instead he chose to offer his ticket for free to anyone who wanted a ticket but could not get it.

What stuck Davies was the fact that this was not an isolated incident. Concerts and other large events across the world witness a huge demand for tickets. At time these are pretty expensive and people still buy them. However at the time of the actual event, several seats remain unoccupied due to last minute issues that several of the ticket holders face. There could be a family emergency or illness which does not allow them to either attend the event or cancel their tickets. Several organisers also do not allow eleventh hour cancellations.

This generally leads to two scenarios – either the tickets go waste or they are sold through secondary channels such as touts or secondary websites who then make huge profits. Davies felt amazed that though there are several illegal secondary websites, there is no genuine platform for the exchange of such tickets. This resulted in the creation of Twickets.


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The application allows sharing of tickets at prices that are either equal to or lower than the face value. The tickets cannot be sold at higher than the face value price thereby eliminating the malpractice of selling tickets at a profit by the touts. Several ticket owners also give away their tickets for free. This allows those audiences to witness the event who either could not get a ticket or could not afford a ticket. Through this brilliant method, they are able to enjoy watching their favourite artist perform or witness their favourite sports team give their best.

Twickets is currently available for smartphone platforms – Android and iOS. However, if you own a Mac computer and would like to access the application from Mac, simply download an Android emulator. The most preferred emulator is Bluestacks. Search and download the APK file for Twickets on your computer and through Bluestacks application installed on your computer, you can easily access the app of Twickets and use it normally just the way you would have from your Android powered phone.

A simple application like Bluestacks can help you to access Android based apps such as Twickets easily from your Mac computer effortlessly. Bluestacks however requires you to have the required RAM, internal memory, processing power and a high speed internet for download. You must ensure that you have these resources.

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