Download Temple Run 2 for Nokia X

The sinking ship Nokia has certainly gained some stability with the launch of Nokia X family which has been utter success in the countries like India and China where Nokia has good reputation and coming up with a Android phones for these markets has proved to be business for the company.  While Nokia X runs on Android OS kernel, you encounter totally different User Interface and services on the phone as it is based AOSP with very high level of customization done by the company to give it a look as that of Windows phone. One major drawback with the Nokia’s android is that one cannot download apps from Play Store, instead you will be able to download the only the apps which are found on the Nokia Store.


Temple Run 2 is one of the most popular game found on the Play Store which is loved by individuals of every age group and can be found on almost every Android smartphone out there. You need to make your character as far as you can and collect the coins  and gems available on the run and try to create a high score as much possible.  The game offers 6 different characters which can be bought with coins collected during the run and each character has it’s special power which makes the game even more fun and interesting.  As already mentioned the Nokia X users cannot download the game unless it is available on Nokia’s store which means that Temple Run 2 is not yet available for your smartphone. But the good news is that Nokia officials have confirmed that this very popular android app is very soon coming to the official store.

Click Here to download Temple Run 2 for Nokia X

This link redirects to official Nokia Store where the game will be available once it officially released. If you do not want to wait for the game to be officially launched you can try downloading the apk file from the web and run on your smartphone.

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