Download Talking Tom For Lumia 520/620/720/630

Talking Tom is one of the most popular and interesting app available on Google Play Store which is loved users almost every age group. The utterly hilarious cat featuring the app repeats everything you say in a very funny manner and you can also play with him. Developed by Outfit 7 team this app is currently available for Android and iOS users and has been downloaded 5M+ times on Play store which reflects the level of it’s popularity. Talking Tom comes in two version, Talking Tom and Talking Tom 2 both developed by the same company. Lets have a quick look at the features of Talking Tom.

talking tom

Talking Tom Features:

  • Talk to Tom: Speak and he repeats what you say in his own hilarious voice.
  • Play with Tom: Stroke him, poke him, challenge him and earn gold coins in a mini-game.
  • Customize Tom: New accessories, new clothes, new outfits. How about Cowboy Tom or Pirate Tom?
  • Cool new location: Tom’s moved out of his old alley into a cool new apartment.
  • Fun new actions: Involving exploding bags, pillow smashes and lots of farts!
  • Engaging mini-game: Climb your way into space and collect extra gold coins.
  • Earn achievements: Get special achievements for playing with Tom.
  • Record Tom: Record videos of what Tom is doing and send it to your friends or upload it on Facebook and YouTube.

The developing team behind this immensely popular app has not yet made Talking Tom available for Windows smartphones so if you want to play with the cat either you will have to a few more months to get it on your smartphone or rush to get and Android or iOS.

Download Talking Tom 2 for Lumia 520/625/630/720:

Click here to download Talking Tom 2 for your Asha smartphone. This link redirects you to Nokia Store where the app will be available as soon as it is released for Symbian smartphones.

We want to make our users aware that downloading apps from any other site other than Nokia store could risk your device being bricked as those could nasty malwares which are meant to brick your smartphone or make your device unexpected tasks.


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