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Android application are continually gaining more and more interest by the desktop users. The same is the reason behind the development of android emulators. Emulators are developed to allow users to enjoy cross platform apps, these are developed for specific OS. For instance an android emulator developed for Microsoft Windows would allow android application to run on Microsoft Windows based computers. Talking about the android emulators, there are many good android emulators in use, although the best is considered to be Bluestack. There are many reason behind this, the most important being its freeware property. Yeah! Bluestack is a freeware application, however, cannot be considered fully free as there are some optional subscription charges for the emulator.



The development of this spectacular emulator started back in 2009, when android OS initially began to spread in the major parts of the world. Rosen Sharma, CTO at McAfee was the man responsible for this development. The sole purpose of this development was to allow people to have the flavour of android OS on their computers and even televisions. The official launch of this emulator was made at citrix conference in San Francisco in May, 2011 by the CEO of the hosting company Mark Templeton.

In this conference the basic layout, file handling, interface and short sneak peek about the Bluestack was released. Later in October, 2011 the first ever beta version of the Bluestack was released in the market. The beta version successfully emulated a handful of android application smoothly, without any sort of major errors. The future developments were made on the basis of the bugs and the limitations discovered, all according the users.

What’s In The Package?

Bluestack is mainly divided into two operative modules viz ‘The App Player’ and the ‘Cloud Sync’. The app player is the modules responsible for the main emulation of the android applications, it is the same part that contained all the SDK’s and OS files required for android virtualization. Without it none of the app would run. On the other hand ‘Cloud Sync’ was non-operative part that can be considered as just a free gift from the developers. Cloud sync would automatically sync all your apps, files, images, videos and everything else that you would like to make secure. This was optional installation feature in the earlier version of the application, however, now it is mandatory part as works in conjunction with the app player.

Why To Virtualize Android On Your PC?

Virtualization or emulation is not a recent term, it has been in the existence from a long time; from the era of evolution of gaming consoles. There are many emulators for gaming consoles like PlayStation 2 developed, much earlier than this android emulator. Android OS is the most used and most flexible operation system ever developed for mobile devices.


What adds more the OS is its vast community of application, and according to a survey the number of applications in Google Playstore is twice the number of application in Apple App store and Windows Phone Store collectively. When it comes to android emulation, Bluestack is by far the best solution for the cause. So, in case you want to experience Android system on your Windows or Mac based PC, hit the download button below !

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