Download BBM for Lumia 625/710/630


The popularity of Windows OS for smartphones is rising steadily with Microsoft putting more and more efforts to make it stand out of other available operating systems. Even after this Android has retained it’s position as king of mobile OS and major cause of this can be attributed to the lack of apps for Windows phone OS. Most of the app developers concentrate on developing apps for Android or iOS and number of apps available on Windows store are considerably lower than it’s rivals.

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Blackbery messenger has been developed by the leading business smartphone manufacturer BlackBerry Limited and was released since the Blackberry phones came into existence .BBM has been the choice of millions as it the best way to send and receive text and multimedia messages and a smart way to stay connected to your friends.Earlier restricted to Blackberry OS , BBM has now been released for various leading smartphone platforms.Blackberry Messenger or popularly known as BBM was previously available exclusively for Blackberry smartphone users but around a year back the company made it’s app supporting cross platform. While this didn’t help Blackberry much to regain it’s market hold as other similar apps such as Whatsapp, WeChat had already been so popular that people merely made attention to it. Although BBM might not be such a hit, many users still love it’s feature such personalized QR code for each user and BBM pin which makes it very easy to add people to your friend list.

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The Android and iOS users have already got the app on their mobile but windows users have found the luck yet. There have been many searches on the web regarding BBM for Lumia smartphones such as.

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  • BBM for Windows phone 8 download
  • BBM download for nokia lumia 720
  • BlackBerry Messenger for lumia 800
  • BBM for nokia lumia 510
  • Download BBM for lumia 710

Many Windows phone users have constantly demanding the application for Windows phone as well but the bad news is that it is not yet available for Lumia 520 or any windows smartphone. The developer team has not yet made the app officially available for Windows Store and low number users can be reason behind it but whatever be the cause we do not have any information yet on how much time will it take for BBM to reach the Windows store.

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This link redirects you to the official windows store where you can download the app for your smartphone once it is officially available. There are many apps available on the web which claim to be BBM for windows phone, we warn you to stay away from as these can be harmful viruses which can corrupt your device or even brick it.


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