Dead Trigger 2 for Mac


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Playing shooting games is every user’s priced possession because in these games user finds extreme combat and thrill. One of the famous shooting games is Dead Trigger 2 which is developed by Madfinger Games. This game is the second part of Dead Trigger series and was launched on October 2013 for iOS and Android phones. It is a first person shooting game with a zombie theme and if user is searching for a never ending fun then they should play this game. Basically this game is available for smartphones only but if user wants to play it on Mac then it is also possible with the help of Bluestacks.


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As informed above, Dead Trigger 2 is a free roam zombie themed shooting game for smartphones. It features both story based and quick play missions so that user can select any one of them and start playing the game. Coming on the gameplay, the user has a vast choice of 33 various interesting and graphical environments which makes it one of the best games in the world. Now as it is a shooting game then one thing that is interesting in this game are its weapons. Dead Trigger 2 comprises 37 types of weapons like grenades, pistols, exploding chickens, etc. Some of these weapons are locked and can be unlocked during the game. User also has the advantage of upgrading these weapons which increases their power.

Dead Trigger 2 comes in two different controlling options by which users can shoot zombies and complete their mission. In the first one user has to just aim at zombie approaching them and their weapons will automatically start shooting zombies. While in the second option user has to aim at a zombie with the help of a button and shoot him with the help of another button. A health bar shows player’s health which is affected whenever the player is attacked by a zombie. This health bar refresh at the starting of each and every mission; and player can gain health by taking health pills available in the game.

Two types of zombies are present in this game, one is standard and other is special. Standard zombies are slow and affect caused by them is minimal, while special zombies are fast and damage caused by them is more. However, these special zombies are also a source of health for player and can be obtained by killing them.

How To Play Dead Trigger 2 On Mac?

Dead Trigger 2 is truly a smartphone game but it can be played on Mac with the help of an emulator application known as Bluestacks. This emulator create a cross platform for smartphone applications to run on Mac. Users have to follow the steps given below to know how it can be done!


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  1. First things first. Download Bluestacks from and install it on your Mac. User can start downloading Bluestacks directly by clicking here!
  2. When the emulator is installed completely, launch it and search for Dead Trigger 2 in its search bar.
  3. As Dead Trigger 2 shows up, click on install button and wait till the game installed completely.
  4. That’s it! User can now play Dead Trigger 2 on their Mac by navigating to My Apps section of Bluestacks.

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