Bajaj Pulsar 375 Price and Launch Date


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From the day of initial launch till now , Pulsar has traveled a long way on the Indian roads as well as the way it defines. Instead of being just a name of another bike available it has settles itself as a name which self-descriptive. Pulsar has encountered a great deal in the looks, technology, power and almost every arena since the launch of original piece. In the present day it comes in 5 different models namely, Pulsar 135, Pulsar 150, Pulsar 180, Pulsar 200 and Pulsar 220 all which are quite popular in different segments of the youngsters.

Bajaj Pulsar 375

The Pulsar 375 will be targeting those people who want a heavy performance bike and surely under some acceptable price. With the launch of the 200 NS a cheaper version of the Duke 200, everyone is waiting with bated breath for the Pulsar model based on the Duke 390, christened the Pulsar 375. With the 390 launched at a price of just above Rs 2 lakhs, the 375 will be even more cheaper making it one of the best affordable performance machines in the country. The launch of the bike will surely redefine biking on the Indian roads and also the import of very expensive bikes from outside the country might be reduced with the availability of this piece indigenously.


Coming to the technical aspect, It will have a full fairing unlike the 390 and will share some of its technologies like liquid cooling and a close-ratio gearbox. The bike will be powered by a mill close-to 375 cc which it will share with Duke 390. A power figure of 40-42 bhp is a good approximation. This new piece from bajaj will feature fuel injection and adjustable clip-bars along with the pilot lamps. The brakes of the bike will feature Anti-Lock Braking system (ABS) but will lack the underbelly exhaust.

Above you can see some images of the upcoming bike, sure these are not quite great but we believe this what the bike will look alike to when it reaches the stores.

Bajaj Pulsar 375 Launch Date

Well there has not been any word on the release of the bike by the company so not can be said confirmed as of now but the rumors indicate that it might be announced in January 2014.

Bajaj Pulsar Price

As the bike has not yet reached the markets even not announced so we do not have news on the price list of the bike for different models. The expected price of the bike is around  ₹1.70 lac -₹1.80 lac.

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